The B-A-R

The Chicago Dog Bar on a Mission.


HUMANS - do NOT just blurt out "the bar" in the presence of a pup. Side effects can include (in this order) mild excitement, regular excitement, overexcitement, and acute euphoric panic.  Speak to your puppy doctor first, but we strongly recommend the spelling of "The B-A-R" whenever discussing us around your best friend.

How did you end up here? Well, you probably Googled something along the lines of “dog friendly bars in Chicago” or “bars that allow dogs near me.” So, you got a lot of sites and articles listing “the best dog-friendly bars in Chicago.” But all of the places listed were simply just “people bars” (that’s what we call them) that allowed you to bring your dog with – sound about right? Well, that’s what we’re here to fix, at last!

Introducing: The B-A-R

The B-A-R is more than what you’d picture a pure Chicago dog bar to be – and it’s much different from the dog-friendly bar that might be in your neighborhood already. In fact, The B-A-R is “dog-friendly” in the truest sense. It’s a place where you can bring your dog, have a drink, AND help puppies in need! That means supporting the two-legged humans who provide love and care to the pups who’ve found themselves caught in a real pickle! So we’ve partnered with some amazing organizations who get a ton of them out of some serious jams. And we’re giving back to them, one drink at a time!

We see all you puppies around the hood. After all, we don’t just work here – we live here right in Northcenter! So we know that a dog-friendly bar is exactly what we need! After all, it’s not like us dogs enjoy going out in the rain any more than you do – and you know how great our weather is here. But while demand is high, and the support has been incredible, it still hasn’t been a w-a-l-k in the p-a-r-k getting this off the ground! In fact, it’s been pretty dang challenging! But thankfully, we know what it takes…and are making it happen! 

So how is The B-A-R positioned to deliver?

We’re glad you asked! Everyone knows that just having a mission isn’t enough. After all, an objective without a plan, and the ability to deliver, doesn’t get very far. So for the past three years, we have been laser-focuse…


Sorry, that’s embarrassing. What were we saying? Oh, right – so we’ve been working hard on this project for a while now. Meanwhile, the humans have also been able to pitch in. In fact, thanks to their specific job experience (according to their resumes), and connections, they’ve surprised us quite a bit. It turns out they not only know how to give a good belly rub – they also understand how to run a bar. Fortunately for us, we just so happen to live with them – and they talk a LOT. So we took notes…

Want to learn more about what inspired us to build a Chicago dog bar with purpose? Check out Our Story!

- Griswold & Bueller


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