Morgan LaPorte

Lady Human

Morgan permanently moved to the great city of Chicago in 2009 after receiving her B.S. in Sociology and Anthropology from Lake Forest College.  She then spent the next 13 years at a food manufacturing company.  Her crowning achievement?  Scott would probably say finally agreeing to a date with him.  Morgan (and everyone else) would likely suggest it was earning her MBA while working full-time.  Pretty boring, right?  That is why she thought it was time for a change.  After more than a decade working for the same company, she decided that her passion for animals was more important so she left her position to work at a veterinary hospital. The knowledge she has gained from working with animals daily is extensive – now it’s time to put that to work while spending everyday with her own babies, Bueller and Griswold!

Scott Deady, J.D.

Guy Human

native of the western suburbs, Scott began what would be a 15-year stretch in the bar industry while “studying” at Ohio University (not Ohio State). He then went on to law school where he earned his J.D. in 2009 at Ohio Northern University (also not Ohio State). Despite never attending Ohio State, Scott somehow managed to pass the Bar Exam on his first attempt with flying colors. He naturally then decided to spend the next 10 years of his his life representing athletes by day and managing bars around the City of Chicago by night. Talk about a poor man’s Bruce Wayne. Think he’s got a lot in his bowl? We do too! So we came up with this awesome plan that would allow him to hang out with us more!