Ira "Griswold"

Chief FUN Officer

As Chief Fun Officer, I run this show – I’ve pretty much been doing it since 2015. I first met Guy Human when I was pretty brand new. I’d been staying at this strange dog hotel, where guests just ran off with random humans, never to be seen again. After more than a week (watching all of my siblings ditch me for strangers), I finally found my home with Guy Human. A few years later, Lady Human showed up and I fell in love. Now we all live together and it’s pretty sick. I love frisbees, swimming, naps, staring at walls, and I’m OBSESSED with meeting new humans and dogs!

Chuck "Bueller"

Chief Treat Officer

Let’s get real – as Chief Treat Officer, I run the show. For starters, I was much cuter than Griswold was as a puppy – you saw the pics from our story, right? So my stay at the same dog hotel was much shorter than his – Guy Human and Lady Human grabbed me from the parking lot after only a couple of days. At first, I thought I’d been dog-napped, but when I met Griswold he told me that their operation was legit – and he was right!!! My hobbies include parading around with my doink-it, playing squeakies (I’m NOT a baby), and trying new things to see how my body reacts to them. Did you know that when you swallow a whole corn cob they have to actually cut you open to take it out? How cool is that?!?


Morgan LaPorte

Lady Human

Morgan permanently moved to the great city of Chicago in 2009 after receiving her B.S. in Sociology and Anthropology from Lake Forest College.  She then spent the next 13 years at a food manufacturing company.  Her crowning achievement?  Scott would probably say finally agreeing to a date with him.  Morgan (and everyone else) would likely suggest it was earning her MBA while working full-time.  Pretty boring, right?  That is why she thought it was time for a change.  After more than a decade working for the same company, she decided that her passion for animals was more important so she left her position to work at a veterinary hospital. The knowledge she has gained from working with animals daily is extensive – now it’s time to put that to work while spending everyday with her own babies, Bueller and Griswold!

Scott Deady, J.D.

Guy Human

native of the western suburbs, Scott began what would be a 15-year stretch in the bar industry while “studying” at Ohio University (not Ohio State). He then went on to law school where he earned his J.D. in 2009 at Ohio Northern University (also not Ohio State). Despite never attending Ohio State, Scott somehow managed to pass the Bar Exam on his first attempt with flying colors. He naturally then decided to spend the next 10 years of his his life representing athletes by day and managing bars around the City of Chicago by night. Talk about a poor man’s Bruce Wayne. Think he’s got a lot in his bowl? We do too! So we came up with this awesome plan that would allow him to hang out with us more!


(aka "Olive")


The FOURTH installment of our official foster program, Olive has been a little miss ray of sunshine since the second she stepped into our lives. She’s incredibly sweet, playful, and is continuing the recent lady dog trend of stealing Guy Human’s heart (much to our chagrin). Luckily, we don’t think she’ll be couch surfing with us for long. I mean, look at THAT FACE!!!

More info available at Wright-Way Rescue!!!


LITTLE BABY GIRL – YOU DID IT!!! Our third foster set a new record for most nicknames! Not only is Sara (aka Choocherina) dangerously good looking (and she knows it), she’s also very smart, playful and LOVES to cuddle . She was lucky enough to find a home that offers her a TON of space to run and play, not only with another family dog, but real life cows!!! Our humans have shown us pictures and videos of her making so many new friends and we couldn’t be happier for her!!!


Oh our sweet, sweet Brecken. Like Nathan, Brecken also was a first for us – our first lady!!! Brecken stole the hearts of our humans pretty quick – especially Guy Human. We were fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving ’23 with her, and see her find her forever home before Christmas. We were also lucky that our humans got to meet her new humans and tell them how great she is! You’re the best Brecken!!!


As our very first foster brother, Nathan will always hold a special place in our hearts. His goofy and playful personality is something we still talk about almost daily. More important than anything, Nathan showed us that, while trying to avoid a foster fail can be emotionally difficult, seeing another pup find their forever home and being able to then help the next  one really makes it worth it. Thank you Nathan!!!