Ira "Griswold"

Chief Fun Officer

As Chief Fun Officer, I’ve pretty much been running the show since I showed up in 2015. My siblings and  I had been crashing at a dog hotel after we got separated from our parents. It was great, but something seemed “off.”  Dogs were just leaving with strangers – even my siblings! I felt like I was taking crazy pills!!! But then, one day Guy Human walked through the door…and everything changed.

We hung out in the hotel lobby for a while just chatting and getting to know each other. You know – sports, squirrels…the usual. Then out of nowhere, he asked if I wanted to be his best buddy. I thought it was a little fast, but what else did I have going on?? So that was that – I’d found my forever home. And just a few human years later, Lady Human showed up…and I totally fell in love. Now we all live together and it’s pretty sick. 

When I’m not working, I love catching frisbees, swimming, taking naps, staring at walls, and I’m OBSESSED with meeting new humans and dogs!

Chuck "Bueller"

Chief Treat Officer

Let’s get real – as Chief Treat Officer, I run the show. For starters, I was much cuter than Griswold was as a puppy – you saw the pics from our story. So my stay at the dog hotel was much shorter than his. In fact, Guy Human and Lady Human grabbed me after only a couple of days.  

At first, I thought I’d been dog-napped – I mean I was just handed to these masked humans through the window of a car-ride machine!! But when we got home and I met Griswold, he told me that their operation was legit – and he was right!!! Within a day I’d trained our humans to give us treats if I just shook their hand – suckers. 

My hobbies include leaping, parading around with my doink-it, playing with squeakies (I’m NOT a baby), and trying new things to see how my body reacts to them. Did you know that when you swallow a whole corn cob they have to actually cut you open to take it out? How cool is that?!?