You might be wondering what inspired this whole thing. Well, our story begins way back in 2020...

It was just me, Griswold (and the humans). Everyone was covering their faces and Bueller (“Chuck”), who was just a twinkle in our eyes, found himself caught in a real pickle – his parents had ditched him and his siblings. Suddenly him, Chewy, Cookie, Cora, Comet, and Cupcake were all homeless! Thankfully, Wright-Way Rescue found them and, given they were coincidentally operating a dog hotel, were able to give them a place to crash. 

Meanwhile, Guy Human and Lady Human had volunteered to foster pups in need with WWR since we had a spare room – plus I’m kind of a socialite if you can’t tell from my face. Turns out, though, foster pups were going like hotcakes!  So our humans made a pivot and decided to adopt! Then, while sitting on the couch one day, playing on his talking lap-book thing, Guy Human stumbled across Bueller’s mugshot…

Suffice it to say, it didn't take long for Lady Human to tell him, "I WANT THAT PUPPY!!!"

When humans brought Bueller home for the first time, I wasn’t that excited. But we started to chat and soon realized that we’d both actually stayed at the same dog hotel! What are the odds?!? We were fortunate to find our forever home, but there were still other good boys and girls back there who weren’t having as much luck. That’s when we decided we had to figure out a way to help homeless puppies looking for a family as great as ours. There are just too many little pups out there in need! 

Problem – identified.

First, we thought about starting a non-profit frisbee factory, but that turned out to be pretty complicated logistically. Next, we tried developing the world’s first ever squirrelly race track – but we just couldn’t stay focused. Finally, it hit us – we needed our humans (mostly their thumbs). But in order to motivate them, we needed a business plan centered around their interests! “Hmmm…” we thought. “Wait! We frequently overhear them talking with their friends about meeting at a bar – that’s it!!!” So we decided to build a bar that would cater to us!!

It turns our humans had actually already been working on this themselves, but that’s neither here nor there.

The B-A-R (spelling vs. blurting out around easily excitable puppies is strongly recommended) offers a cold drink for humans, and a safe place for all dogs (sorry cats) to sniff some butts while sheltered from the unpredictable Chicago weather – no more excuses for our humans there! Patrons of The B-A-R can rest assured that their pup’s “new friends” have all been socially vetted (by us experts) and vaccinated (by actual experts). Additionally, all dogs over the age of one must be spayed or neutered. With that, and a drink in their hand, we’re confident our humans will let us socialize longer AND more often! Among a number doganthropist things we’ll be doing, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’re an official partner of Wright-Way Rescue non-profit rescue center! This means giving back through donations, hosting dog adoption events, and more! 

Solution – executed.

Check it out, we're famous.

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