In case you have as many questions as Lady Human does, this page is for you!

What will be your hours of operation?

While we’re marketing ourselves as a bar, and seeking a tavern license, we’ll be operating with much different hours. Our target customer is the dog who wants to take their human for a quick visit after a long day’s work. In fact, we’ll be closing earlier than even most restaurants! We will be closing at 9pm everyday with the exception of Fridays (10:00pm). 

How will you mitigate any potential noise?

As you have probably observed yourself, dogs at a park generally only bark at dogs and humans OUTSIDE of the park itself. The ones inside are too busy sniffing! Despite this, we’ve committed to closing our overhead door during operating hours and are also installing a new HVAC system, which will allow us to offer a comfortable climate inside, while keeping our rooftop vents closed!

Won't The B-A-R make parking in the area more difficult?

As residents of Northcenter ourselves, YOU are our target market. The B-A-R is in NO way designed to be a destination spot. In fact, we are NOT marketing to potential customers outside of walking distance (> 1 mile). We actually  usually walk there ourselves! Our typical guest will be walked over after his or her human had a long day of work, leaving them with nothing to do all day! 

Can anyone come into The B-A-R?

Any human over the age of 21 can! But if you’re a pup, you must be a member. This means you’ve been fully onboarded (vaccination records collected and socialization interview passed) to make sure everyone is safe! After that, passes for access will be available for purchase, with day, month, and annual options!